Deluxe FM temporarily moved to Spotify!


What happened? Why?

pauseUnfortunately, the coronavirus situation (and now, the war) deeply affected our economical situation: the amount we spent on to operate the station now must be utlilized in our own private budgets, in order to be able to survive these crisises. Thus we finally decided to suspend the broadcasting. We'd like to point out that we DON'T terminate our service for good, we've just hit the "PAUSE" button for the time being (as illustrated to the left).

However, we know that we just can't leave you, loyal Deluxe family member here, without the best quality Deluxe music, so we took almost our whole music library, and created a bunch of Spotify playlists, that represent both the overall "Deluxe feeling", and the well known specialised show structure as well.

Check out the menu elements below, and you realize that you find your favorite show in a playlist: there's Funky, Disco, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pearls (each contains nearly 200 songs).
If you like the musical versatility that Deluxe provided, the Deluxe Hits playlist is for you, currently with more 1500+ songs.
Please bear in mind, that we constantly add songs to all our playlists, it's always worth following them!

Please don't hesitate to follow any of the playlists below - or, click on the Spotify icon in the footer section -, and support us this way! It would be great to see the growing number of followers, to know that you're still out there... 🌞💙