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Welcome to Deluxe FM, the station that'll "make your day even better"!

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 Deluxe FM broadcasts from Budapest, Hungary.

The main idea behind the station was to entertain those, who prefer quality over qauntity, and to prove that there's more than those Top40 radios that rotate the same 150-200 songs around the clock. The audience deserves more.

Even though we broadcast from Hungary, and our sweepers, IDs and music menus are in Hungarian, you'll enjoy the wide range of songs we provide in a carefully set up order, to "make your day even better". You may say that our website isn't that attractive, but since Deluxe FM is - literally - a one man show, this is what we can offer momentarily.

The focus is on music: with more than two decades of experience in AC/Top 40 radio, our founder and musical director carefully picks all songs one by one. He's also producing the IDs, sweepers, music menus, and even our Instagram account.


Because he believes in the power of music, and the radio format. No AI will ever (or, in our lifetime?) be able to produce what the human brain can (even though they're close...), becasue AI will never have values such love, devotion and SOUL.

To summarize all up: he believes in the "human touch", and if you like the sound, the variety and the quality, you already have voted to it. :)


menu howtolisten

There are several ways you can listen to Deluxe FM's stream, but the more devices/webpages/plugins/modules you insert between the stream and your device, the less stable it will be. Yes, you can listen to us here, on the website, you can find us on Tune In, on Facebook, but the most reliable method is to copy/paste our stream URL directly into your local media player, and hit 'Play'. The stream is rock solid, is up 24/7, while websites, other solutions may be down at any time.

This is our main, HQ 192 kbps mp3 (used on this site, and on TuneIn too) link, if you're on broadband net, just copy/paste the following into your player: 


If you have a slower internet connection, use this 48kbps AAC stream: 


(Studies show that AAC sounds better at lower bitrates, so you can choose the latter one, if you're unsure.)

If you don't know how to create az .m3u file from the link, just download this simple .m3u file to your desktop, and whenever you want to listen to Deluxe FM, you just have to double click on it (MAC users, right click, and choose "Download Linked File As..."):


Other options:
In VLC Media Player, go to Media --> Open Network Stream.
In Windows Media Player, got to File --> Open URL (or CTRL+U)
In iTunes, go  to File --> Open Stream (or Ctrl/CMD+U)

We highly recommend the *FREE* VLC Media Player, this is the best piece on the market. VLC for mobile is also available for iOS (tested by us, & found to be stable.)

Have further questions? Drop us a mail!

 Stream provided by Radioscope


menu schedule 

 Deluxe FM's daily schedule is very straightforward and simple: you can enjoy all the Deluxe Hits throughout the day, but there's a 2-hour slot between 19:00 - 21:00 CET, where we broadcast specialised shows. Details coming soon! (BTW, in the meantime, if you watch the radio player at the bottom of the page, you can always see what's on the air, and what its logo looks like). These are the Hungarian show descriptions, but - based on the title - you can guess what is what.